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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Frederick resurgent

Today, Lawrence and I were the only ones of our group around, and did yet another 7 Years war game!

I used a slightly more cavalry heavy Prussian force against the same Franco-Reichs army that beat us last week.

I deployed in a defensive position astride 2 low hills, my left looked weak with only Frei battalion Mayr alongside 2 medium gun batteries.
The French had the Swiss on the left and the Austrian cavalry on the right. 
 The terrain clearly favoured the defence, woods protecting the Prussian flanks.
 The left wing French cavalry began the battle by extending to the left.
The French infantry had good command and control and began a co-ordinated advance against the shorter Prussian line. 
The Austrian cavalry were the only ones slow off the mark! 
My right wing cavalry only managed to get a single Kuirassier regiment (KR8) out to face the French left cavalry. 
My infantry were happy to bombard the French as they advanced. 
 The French infantry right moved to take my artillery, the Frei Korps having gone to hide in a wood!
Surprise! I had hidden 2 Grenadier battalions behind the hill, and these now moved forward to reinforce the weak left! 
My left wing batteries were amazingly lucky, and broke the right-most French battalion with 2 devastating volleys of canister!
 The battalion next to them broke and ran too!
The Prussian gunners now fired on the second line... 
 ...and shredded another battalion!
 On the Prussian right, KR8 crashed into the Cuirassiers du Roi and broke them after a desperate battle.
 On the far left, my cavalry had come round the wood. The Frei Korps harassing Austrian regiment Bretlach from the safety of the wood.
 Having seen off the French Cuirassiers, KR8 rallied and began returning to the safety of the Prussian lines.
 While the artillery boomed, the rest of my right wing horse deployed to face the French cavalry.
In the centre, My fusiliers had driven back the first Swiss line, but the French had driven back the infantry of my 'Incompetent' brigadier! 
My left was holding easily. 
On the left, my Kuirassiers faced off with Regiment Bretlach, but failed to charge! 
Bretlach charged instead, but broke through the impassive Prussians! - we had the odd situation of an Austrian cavalry unit routing past the Prussian reserve lines! 
My Kuirassiers now charged Austrian regiment Trautmannsdorf who had been supporting Bretlach, The surprised Austrians stood their ground, as the few remaining Prussians rallied behind them!
The centre was stabilising, as the second Prussian line took the place of the battered front line.
Much to my surprise, my left wing infantry front line also retreated after taking heavy fire from French regiment Picardie. 
 On the French left, the French Cheveaux-Legers attacked my Dragoons... 
 My Dragoons broke, but the French now found themselves facing Fresh Kuirassiers, and KR8 on their flank!
 Both centres were showing signs of wear!
My left wing Kuirassiers (with supporting Dragoons just out of picture) began advancing and looked set to beat their opposite numbers.
With both flanks looking 'ropey', and the Prussian grenadiers preparing to attack the French infantry right, The French now decided to break off the action. I think the Prussians would be glad to let them go!

That was a hard fight, both sides had the advantage at one time or another, and both players had a fun time, so we are all winners!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Frederick foiled?

Today, We randomised more than the terrain! As Phil joined us there were 3 of us, and we thought it amusing to dice for Phil being in command of the army rather than just having him take a wing!
Of course, I rolled for the Prussians being the attacker, and Phil got to be Frederick. Apart from underling advice, I left him to make the division of forces between us, and the battle plan.

How would we do?

I got the job of the 'Refused wing', so only got a single Kuirassier regiment, and the regiment of Hussars as my horse contingent.
I had 2 medium guns, 2 grenadier battalions (commanded by and incompetent brigadier) and a brigade of 4 standard musketeers with an average general.
Phil had the majority of the Prussian infantry, 2 brigades of 4 Musketeer battalions with average commanders. Frederick was able to give 2 orders rather than the standard 1 extra, being Competent! 
 (To my mind, oddly) - Phil had the majority of the horse, 2 Kuirassier and 2 Dragoon regiments deployed behind a wood on the right.
Phil was facing a French wing of a single Cuirassier and 2 Dragoon regiments...commanded by a brave, but incompetent commander!
In the centre, the french had 2 brigades of infantry... 
... also commanded by incompetents!
 On his right, he had a brigade of Swiss, with an average commander...
...supported by a strong Austrian force, 2 Kuirassier and 2 Dragoon regiments, with a good commander. 
An overview of the terrain at game start. 
 My weak cavalry wing was rather...over-matched by the Austrians, but my commander dithered, leaving his horsemen sitting targets for the enemy!
 My incompetent brigadier managed to get a battery of guns moving forward only!
 Phil got his infantry advancing with a lot less trouble!
 His horse, however, were discovering why attacking Cavalry don't deploy behind woods!
The French began an artillery bombardment... 
...nah, missed! 
Further down the line, the rest of the French guns were firing too...
...disordering a couple of battalions only at this range. 
As the Austrians advanced on my curiously quiescent horse, their supporting artillery...  
...finally got the range, disordering IR6! 
Lawrence's plan now began to unfold, as the Swiss advanced against my infantry on the hill, while the Austrian horse would sweep my horse away. 
As Phil struggled to get his horse forward, the French, despite their rubbish commander, managed to advance to try and catch the Prussian horse as they were disordered passing the wood.
 My cavalry commander woke up! Both of my regiments of horse retired behind my infantry.
 Unable to get my guns positioned well, I made the best of a bad job and just started firing to cover my Grenadiers, as they began moving back to form an angled back defensive line.
 The Swiss were not too bothered though, and continued advancing through the barrage.
The French infantry were closing fast...
in addition, the Austrians detailed 2 of their regiments to pass behind their line to fight against Phil. 
 Phil's heavy cavalry began to shake out into line just in time to face off with the Cuirassiers du Roi.
 Phil had 2 more regiments passing the wood's edge.
 I withdrew one battery to support my open wing.
 We still had a Kuirassier and a Dragoon regiment facing me, despite the detachments. 
On Phil's wing his Kuirassiers, having got past the wood, paused to redress their line, and were caught at the halt by the flamboyant French heavies! 
 The rest of the French horse covered the wood edge.
 As the infantry lines closed, the French drove the attacking Prussians back!
The Cuirassiers du Roi broke through the Prussians!(Poor Phil threw the first of a long series of '1's on his dice!)  Things were beginning to go 'Pear shaped'!!!
 Phil did get his other regiments out of the wood to face the French Cheveaux Legeres!- would this turn the tables on the French?
 The passed through Prussian Kuirassiers also joined in by attacking. (During this time, the Cuirassiers du Roi were broken by fire from the Prussian infantry)
The weakened Prussian horse were broken by the fresh French cavalry, who pursued...
...straight over the supporting artillery and into the reserve dragoons, who also fled under the fierce French onslaught.
Back on my wing, my Prussian infantry were shredding the Swiss who attacked me, but the brave Swiss continued their assault!
Not enough though, the Prussian right was in tatters, the infantry line was in disarray, and the French were attacking everywhere. 
Poor Fritz called it a day, and fell back, giving the day to the French!